Glengarry Glen Ross – Obscenity Count
Ship, Computer, and Sauce in the first six Star Trek films
Shia LaBeouf in “No No No No”
Requiem for a Dream, montage of every drug montage (meta!)
Big Lebowski, every “fuck”
Casino, every “fuck”
Big Lebowski, Every “dude”
True Romance, every kill from the finale
True Romance, every “fuck”
Rushmore, handjob references (thx, Matt)
Scarface, every “fuck” (thx, oscar)
The Departed, every “fuck” (thx, oscar)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, every “fuck” (thx, MeatFarley)
All the pauses and silence in His Girl Friday from 1940 (thx, progosk)
The Incredibles, buttons, doors, and explosions (thx, Joshua)
Fargo, every “yeah” (thx, Doobybrain)
Charles Bronson Death Wish Bodycount (thx, Dave)
Chris Hefner’s Talking Picture (The Road to Ruin), removes all words from a 1938 film (thx, Jamie)
Boondock Saints, every “fuck” (thx, Brandon)
Midnight Run, every “fuck” (thx, Lakawak)

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